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One word. Quality. In everything we do
Our aim is to build a sustainable business based on strong, long-term customer and supplier relationships. That means delivering consistent quality at every level.

Strict product quality control
Starting with the products themselves, we control every step of the production process, from concept to manufacture. The products we manufacture are a combination of what our own engineers tell us are necessary, and what you have asked us to produce. This partnership is a key factor in our success.

As each new product is developed and added to our range, we rigourously control materials sourcing, design and production. Even going as far as having our own quality control people on site in the factory. Only with this attention to detail can we be sure of consistently delivering the product quality you need, for mile-after-mile reliability.

Rapid research and development
We have the ability to quickly harness new technologies and innovations. Through the on-going learning process of testing and observing the performance of our products in use, we can rapidly re-engineer them whenever necessary, adding to their durability.

The ‘SCANTECH 8’ value cycle
To achieve our vision of becoming the world’s leading supplier of aftermarket spares for Saab and Volvo cars, we have developed a clear process to help us continually monitor and improve all aspects of our service to you.

We call this ‘SCANTECH 8’. Systematically identifying each stage in our business cycle enables us to constantly monitor and control our processes: increasing learning, identifying strengths, highlighting areas for improvement and eliminating errors.
1.    Product development
2.    Cost efficiency
3.    Manufacturing
4.    Quality assurance
5.    Logistics
6.    Customer service
7.    Technical support
8.    Customer feedback

People, people, people
In the end, people are always the difference between a good business and a great business. We are very proud of our own team, and of the distributors and suppliers who work with us.

Internally, we have a strong training and ideas-sharing ethic. The more we involve our people in all aspects of our business, the better they will understand and share our common goal. And that means a better service for you, our customer.

We also run regular training and social events for our supplier and distributor partners to help strengthen our vision. And last but not least, we listen to you. Many of our latest innovations – from our ever-growing list of spares to our new website – were directly inspired by your feedback.

Let’s keep working.


Wille Siivola

Product and Quality coordinator

Phone: +46 8449 96 27

Cell: +46 7686 93 460


SCANTECH is working in accordance to ISO 9001
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