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We proudly present: The SCANTECH Way

To be successful in any walk of life, you need to be clear about what you aim to achieve. That’s why we have developed what we call ‘The SCANTECH Way’: a series of values that both define who we are and inspire all our team to achieve even higher standards.


The SCANTECH Vision tells you who we are as a company, what you can expect from us and how our values translate into the products and services you need.



Our aim is to develop and deliver the finest-quality aftermarket spares, especially for Saab and Volvo cars. Quality – both in our service and in the manufacture and performance of our products – is how we want you to measure us. We want you to discover that our service and our parts are as good or better than any other Saab and Volvo parts available. Anywhere.


Timely Delivery

Our business model is set up to offer you ‘just in time’ deliveries: the parts you need, when you need them. That way, you get to minimize your own stock holding, improving cash flow and reducing financial resources tied up in products waiting to be sold.


Cost Control

Good quality costs, but it doesn’t need to cost the earth. We work relentlessly with our suppliers to achieve the most competitive prices possible, which we are then pleased to pass on to you. We do not aim to be the cheapest, because that would inevitably compromise quality. But we do aim to offer you the best possible combination of quality and affordability. Try us.


Service Value

Anyone can offer you aftermarket parts. Not anyone can back that offering with the same level of service as SCANTECH. We employ a complete team of well educated people whose entire job is to ensure that you, our customer, get what you want when you need it. And if you ever have a query about any aspect of our service, they will be on hand to answer it in person. Knowledgeably and courteously.


Technical Support Value

SCANTECH does not just supply aftermarket spares for Volvo and Saab cars: we actually create them too. We employ experienced engineers and technicians whose job it is to specify new parts and quality control existing parts. They are also constantly on hand to provide answers to any technical queries you may have.  

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